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Hey! Check out a new music video for "Bundle of Skin and Hormones" off our new release "Dizzy Spells and Garden Talk" !! Share with your friend! 

Record Release Party -- Update! 

Hey everyone, 
just an update, we've changed the date of our record release party to August 20th! 
So here's the complete info :)

August 20th, 6-10pm 
the Expo Arts Center, 4321 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach 

TPL will play the album, start to finish,
and there will be plenty of awesome games, food, crafts, fairy tale costumes,and fantastic free parking spots!! 

The whole party is fairy tale themed, so come dressed up in something out of Grimm's Fairy Tale! 

FB event page here

Dizzy Spells and Garden Talk Record Release Party!!! 

Dizzy Spells and Garden Talk
AUGUST 20th at The Expo
6- 10 pm 
It's fairy tale themed, so come dressed up or come as you are.
Food, CDs and (NEW) t-shirts for sale, and a performance of the album, start to finish from TPL. 

Free parking, with lots of space!
All ages, you can bring your families too! We also have a lot of ear plugs


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