"I love having really solid work that represents who I was at that time," said Simons-Araya. "It helps me understand myself now. What's strange about it is just how absurd it seems, the older I get, that an eight-year-old would…

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Check us out at CWMFEST, Jan 9th @ 5pm @ BLACK HOLE RECORDS  Share this flyer with your friends!

Cerritos College Tempest

Emma has been composing and designing the music for the upcoming production of The Tempest, at the Burnight Center Theatre.
Come peek into the dark world of William Shakespeare's final play, set on a circus/steampunk shipwrecked island. 
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Post Summer Update

Hey everyone!
Just thought I'd give you an update on what we're up to now that the summer is over.
Isaac and I have been super busy with summer jobs, creating art, cutting our own hair, and composing new music…Read more

Metal Hammer magazine

Check out our uncle wearing our shirt in Metal Hammer magazine!! 
You can buy this shirt, and a new one of ours in our store, here