Post Summer Update

Hey everyone!
Just thought I'd give you an update on what we're up to now that the summer is over.
Isaac and I have been super busy with summer jobs, creating art, cutting our own hair, and composing new music (for The Potential Lunatics and for "The Tempest" a college play).
All summer Isaac was living at our favorite summer camp in the world as a resident counselor,
and I was sewing costumes for Snoopy and Charlie Brown at Knotts Berry Farm.

Although we've been really busy these past couple months we thought we should get in the swing of things again with a few college shows. 
We hope your summer was as fun/stressful but good/entertaining/memorable as ours.

~Upcoming Shows~
The dA Center for the Arts w/Diners, and West America 
August 30th, TBA
Pomona College

College Radio Day 2015
October 2, 12:30am
Long Beach City College

Women's Resource Center Manifesta 
November 12th, 6-9:00 pm
Cal State San Bernardino

More info to come!