The Potential Lunatics-“Well Trained Youngsters”
Review by Renae Bryant,

The first time I saw this brother and sister pair [real brother and sisters…unlike the White Stripes, who first began their band billed as brother and sister],
called Potential Lunatics, was when we played Lady Fest LA with them in 2008.
I think they were perhaps eleven or twelve years old then. I got to see them again in August 2011 at Lady Fest IE. Now in their official teens, they have their first release out.
We all stood with mouths agape in 2008, when we saw them rock it as “tweens.” Now we danced along with big smiles on our face, super happy to hear just how amazing they are. Their first cd captures it. Loaded onto my IPod dock, I listened to the disc at least ten times in a row.
Potential Lunatics have the chops and the charm that the White Stripes had, when they first arrived on the scene on Sympathy for the Record Industry. What makes Potential Lunatics better is that I don’t hear the White Stripes…I hear Babes in Toyland meets PJ Harvey meets Patti Smith meets Bikini Kill. Listen for yourself: . Stand out tracks are: “Witch Cakes,” “Boy Colours,” “Deranged Love Song,” “Big Hit,” and “Kool Boyz.”